Unfortunately, it is very difficult to tell you the costs for a translation without having seen the text first.

Please include the text to be translated in your inquiry, if possible in Word format. If that isn`t possible, please give me the following information:

- the topic of the text
- the required deadline

- the length / the word count of the text

- the data format


I normally charge per word in the source text, so you can be certain there won't be any bad surprises when you receive the invoice. In certain cases I can als offer you a lump-sum price.


There is a surcharge of 10% for translating texts provided as non-editable formats such as PDF.
If necessary, I can translate very urgent texts in the evenings or on weekends and public holidays. In such cases, there is a surcharge of 20-50%.


I offer fixed rates for the translation of certificates and other documents.


All prices are exclusive of 19% VAT (if applicable)